Sister Can Do Hard Things

It’s true. This is just a little reminder that you have LIMITLESS potential, sister friend.


The last time I remember feeling limitless, was when I was 13. I was in 7th grade and so many of my friends were on the dance team at my school. I knew that I had little to no experience compared to my peers that had danced their entire lives… but my heart wanted this to happen. Growing up, if I began to excel at gymnastics or dance and was bumped up by my coach to multiple days per week… we couldn’t afford that. So I had to choose activities that were less days per week but didn’t really spark my interest. My oldest son, Griffin was blown away at mama’s soccer skills the other day when we were playing in the yard. He was like, “Mom! You are a rockstar at this!” But he had no idea that soccer was just a time filler for me. You can be good at things that aren’t meant for you. My heart always belonged in a mirrored room with a barre.


I remember walking around my best friend’s house in the 4th grade and physically touching each of her old recital pictures that were framed on the wall. “Why don’t you get back into dance again?! (my friend shrugged) You are so lucky that you can!”

So, when the opportunity came to try out for the junior high school’s dance team… I knew this was my shot. I worked my butt off for the two try-out weeks. I wanted this so badly and had YEARS of training to cram into such a short time period! I knew I had a mountain to climb but I gave it my everything. And when I saw my tryout number on the team roster that was taped to the school’s glass door… it was one of the best moments of my entire childhood.


And I’m still best friends with the girl that I turned around and hugged in this picture. She was there for me then and even more there for me now. How special is it that her mama took this picture for me to always be able to soak up that moment of EMPOWERMENT (I REALLY PULLED THIS OFF) & PURE JOY…

I’m so glad I didn’t let that what if stand in my way of the next 5 years of consistency, hard work, and happiness.


The work did NOT stop with that try out. Hah! I had to push myself to make each dance. Then push myself to be in that front line. A spot that I fought for and deserved. It didn’t matter to anyone else that I struggled to keep up and had to work twice as hard to be there. But to me, it mattered so much. I knew that little 8 year old Laine that was crushed she couldn’t advance to a higher level would be shocked to see me at 17 and 18, beaming that I had secured a spot in the front row… next to the girls that had passed me up.

Oh, and remember that friend that I encouraged to get back into dance? Here we are on our first day of Varsity camp… It’s so crazy how things work out!


A huge pet peeve of mine is when people say they will pray about something… but then don’t turn their prayers into action. God gave us hands and feet and voices and free will to make things happen while we are here on this earth! He can assist in a way that only the Divine can… but He wants us to always be eager to DO. He created us to be brave. Not only for the betterment of ourselves, but for others.

Somewhere along the way, we begin to create invisible limits for ourselves. We place ourselves on restrictions that we conjure up based upon how we feel. Feelings are the ultimate trap because they are never solid.We lay out blue painter’s tape around our feet to separate Self from More Than Self.

You don’t need to make more friends because you can barely keep up with the ones you do have. Play it safe.
You don’t need to go back to school because you are already spinning too many plates. Play it safe.
You don’t need to leave that bad relationship/friendship because thats too scary. Play it safe.
You don’t need to ask your boss for that raise because he might get mad. Play it safe.
You don’t need to switch careers because what if you fail? Play it safe.

Wait. Maybe that’s behind it all. What if we fail? And then there is only ME to blame. I don’t want to choose to sit in that feeling. I don’t mind raising my hand and owning up to my mistakes… but if I go out on a limb that I chose to, and then fail?! Ugh. Nope. I’ll stay right here. Thank you very much.

If only we didn’t talk to ourselves this way…

We turn down opportunity after opportunity (especially women) due to a perimeter that we can just step over… if we only decided to be brave for a second.

With friendships, I have been super blessed. I love a LOT of great women!!!! And I’m pretty sure they love me back 🙂 I’ve known some since I was a baby, from school, from church, from work, etc. My friend love tank has always felt full and I know that is one area that God has had his hand in. I didn’t yearn for more Sista Friends and had kind of boxed myself in to a Tribe I loved. But this Fall, I made some truly incredible new friends that I didn’t see coming. What if I had kept up my walls and said, “Nope. I’ve got enough going on!” Some of these new friendships have really softened me. One of my new friends, Sarah gave me a little scripture book this past week for no reason other than to be sweet and encouraging. I was watching my kid’s play at Chick-fil-A and reading this book when I became overwhelmed with GRATITUDE for this friendship that I didn’t see coming. I didn’t plan this or control this. I didn’t know I needed her but here we are, talking everyday and always cheering the other girl on. God always brings in the right people to teach you the lessons you need for that time period. And sometimes, he brings in the right people so that you can teach them. We can’t turn our backs on His blessings when He calls us. When you start to feel like a new friendship is blossoming, don’t limit yourself and just see where God takes things. He might surprise you! Expand your Tribe.

When I was 14, I was forever mentally changed by a trauma that affected every area of my life. Hence why my last decision as a 13 year old was when I felt truly limitless for the last time. I suddenly knew raw pain and questioned my worth. I felt very, very small. I felt like I had no voice and I was now just an object. From that point forward I remember questioning each new person and experience… “Do they make me feel safe or unsafe?” And if I got a hint of feeling unsure? I ran like the wind. I’ve become quite the runner and still to this day, have to fight those urges to flee BEFORE someone hurts me. I have to tell myself that not everyone is planning their exit strategy. You don’t always have to beat them to the punch, Laine. I’ve said this before in my He Lingers post, but I broke up with every single boyfriend before they had a chance to take off their rose colored glasses. I boxed myself in to believing that if they saw the true me, they wouldn’t want me anymore so peace out girl scout. Boxing yourself in does zero good for you or anyone else. Expand your heart.


I hope all of you take big chances this year. Aim higher. Expand your tribe, your heart, your spirit, and your minds.

I hope you invite that new friend out for coffee or go see a movie together (GO SEE I, TONYA BECAUSE IT’S EVERYTHING)


I hope you sign up for that class or switch your career because you just might knock it out of the park… I’m so glad I stepped out of my box last year on this one. I had NO idea what I was capable of or just how big my dreams were. I am no longer scared to announce that my goal is to become a lawyer. I know I just have to keep setting my mind to the little goals that will get me there, praying for strength, and DOING THE WORK. Expand your mind.


Don’t let the hard stuff thats happened to you in the past continue to ricochet through your present and future life. It happened. It sucked. But you made it out alive and breathing because you have PURPOSE. Don’t let that pain box you in and keep you from who you are meant to become. Now let’s do something better, bigger, and brave!

And remember, “self love looks like effort.” -Katie Summers 🙌🏻

Ain’t that the truth. It will take effort to love yourself. It always will take effort. To go workout, to search for a higher paying job, to crack that joke with that new acquaintance because she just might share your humor, to grow your business, to read a book everyday that benefits your soul, to make time for your favorite hobbies… Effort. For your personal growth. Not just for your kids. Not your parents. Not your spouse. Don’t be afraid to work hard for YOU this year. And to pray for God’s blessing on your goals!!

Say it with me, sister…


I’m sending you my love energy today



Dear 2018,

Hey girl hey…
This past year has been 12 months of progress & growth. At first, I was so loud and proud of my #growthgains because I was still riding the high of living through a health scare and wanted to experience all life had to offer. I felt on fire and wanted to live. it. up.
When summer hit, I had a soul shift. I grew quiet as my spirit strengthened and went inward as I worked through hard memories, feelings, relationships, and my own personal BS that weighed me down. I began to slowly sort through my life experiences like Peggy Olson flipping through her Rolodex searching for a contact for Mr Draper.
No, this isn’t something I did daily or weekly but it was just going on in the back of my mind. I couldn’t help but sit in the emotions certain “cards” would bring me back to. I knew I needed clarity and didn’t have the time/energy to wallow in anything that’s knocked me down in my past. So I became eager to really decide if each relationship or memory needed to be brought to the forefront and prioritized or placed at the back of the deck to collect dust. This can be super hard to do when you have held on to ambivalent relationships for too long that no longer bring you joy (but used to be wonderful) or if you have experienced traumatic events that you don’t want to believe were as bad as they were. I knew from being sick that life was too short to hold grudges or burn bridges but I also knew I would be a fool to prioritize someone/something that didn’t prioritize me back. It was a powerful feeling to decide for myself what would be my focus from now on. I needed that space available for the things I would be accomplishing when going back to school and to surround myself in a bubble of positivity and support. It’s amazing what a little spiritual work can do for you. #soulgains 
Cute little Peggy from the first season of Mad Men also started with big dreams and found herself apologizing way too often… She had no idea how strong her ideas were and what all she was capable of.


The symbolism of where her character began to who she became is just too parallel to where I started and what I see for my future. God made me a creative & critical thinker for a reason. Just like Peggy.
peggy boss
The woman I am today is leaps and bounds more powerful (but also more private) than who I was on last New Years Day. I wish I could have coffee with her. That girl couldn’t grasp her worth. She carried too many hurtful memories and uneasy emotions. I wish I could tell her how damn proud of herself she will be very soon and that she has no idea how strong she is.


But since I can’t go in any direction but forward, I have so many hopes for another incredible year!


(Art above is by Summer Ortiz)
With my friendships, I hope to be more intimate. I tend to clump groups of friends together and try to kill five birds with one stone while I have a babysitter on duty. Having fun group outings or parties is always a good time! But towards the end of 2017, I realized I wanted more depth and more time to soak up a certain friend or couple. I have so many friends that I love and a friend is just way less likely to share their heart with a group. I plan on making a shift towards more intimate scenarios and becoming closer with new and old friends this way.


In regards to my marriage, I hope to be more intentional. With our time already allotted to so many things for our children, jobs, home, and school… I pray to be more intentional in showing my gratitude towards all he does on a regular basis for me and not letting my daily stresses get in the way of our sacred alone time. Our TEN YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY IS NEXT MONTH! How did that happen?
With my children, I pray I can be more gentle. I want to be the softest place they can fall and encourage them to be more vocal with their feelings and struggles. I pray they always feel safe in my presence.

With my school work, I pray that I can continue to surprise myself with what I am capable of and continue to make straight A’s. I know now that I can do hard things with three (sometimes four) little monkeys on my back. I am capable of whatever hard things that I set my mind to and I am giddy about what all I will accomplish in 2018 and beyond.

messy bun

In general, I want to be more direct without being harsh. I often dance around what I want or what I need from others. Lately, I’ve been quicker to call someone out or ask for help and it has really been liberating. If you struggle with this like I do, I HIGHLY recommend you find Jaime Primak Sullivan on Facebook and watch her daily videos! She always knows exactly what to say and how to deliver it in a way that will matter. She’s the, y’all.  Check her out here!


Last night we went around the dinner table and said what we hope for ourselves for the new year. It was amazing to see our babies dream big! And heartwarming to hear my tough husband say his goal for himself that was so far from what I thought he would say. Ten years later and he still surprises me and melts my heart! A little throwback to our 2nd year of marriage…


So here’s to a great year full of #soulgains & happy memories to place at the front of that rolodex!
I’m eager for whatever fabulousness the universe has in store…

I’m giving you my love energy and praying that each of my Sweet Tribe readers feels God’s love this year…

Heart of a Boy Mom

I have this super vivid memory from high school that always puts a smile on my face when I think about it… 

I was on my high school’s dance team (shameless Highstepper plug because I still shout red and green) and one time we were at a SUPER hot Saturday away game against Klein High School. It was so hot that we were allowed to camp out under the bleachers for a while before we had to perform. So we were under there in our little cliques as we stretched and talked. How this topic came up? I have no idea. But we decided to “label” each other for what kind of moms we would be one day. 

My friends all said I would have three little GIRLS because DUH that’s what a girl like me would have,  my husband would work in the oil & gas business and travel, I would rock leggings with stirrups to their dance competitions because they were comfy and practical, I would wear obnoxious buttons with their cute faces on them with big bows in their long hair, I would tease my hair way too much (because Texas), andddd I would be making it through their dance competition days while getting three girls ready for each dance performance with a flask that was engraved with “GO EMMA!” (my first fictional daughter) on it. First of all, I was not a party girl so the flask part was just for funzies but they still saw a little bit of wild down deep in me. 

But y’all… the only thing that came true out of that prophecy was that I do love me some leggings. But sadly I can’t find ones with those practical stir-ups anymore😉 

I swore with each pregnancy that THIS Baby was a girl. Griffin was Madeline, Cooper was Harper Grace, and Bennett was for SURE Chandler Elizabeth. Go ahead and laugh with me 😉 

But starting with Griffin at the gender ultrasound… the second the tech said “It’s a boy!”… I looked at the screen and said “Hi, Baby Griffin!” Immediately, I was a smitten kitten. I fell IN LOVE with him at that very second. That moment was so profound for me because I went from believing that I had a best gal pal coming to wow… a little man! I felt innocent “puppy love” times a million for a boy I hadn’t even met! 

What I didn’t know in that moment was how close of a bond sons can have with their mamas. And how special that would feel to both our hearts. 

When you love someone… you try to soak up every little thing about them. 

Que the song: Every Little Thing by Carly Pearce just cause it’s the 😍 🎤 “The high, the hurt, the shine, the sting… Every. Little. Thing.”  ❤️

Sorry, back to the mom part of my brain. So as my boys have fallen in love with things… I have too. Including the sports that I never cared about or the super hero movies that I thought I would never watch.

I was that girl that believed people came to our high school football games to watch us perform and the game was a bonus 🙄 And yes, our moms totally felt that way! But our dads and the rest of the stadium… they were there for the boys giving it their all on the football field and halftime was the bonus (or a nacho break because let’s be real). 

Last night when the Houston Astros won the World Series… my heart exploded for: 

  • My city that has been through too dang much
  • My husband who has been a die-hard Astros fan his entire life and was wearing a white and green Astros hat on the night we met
  • My sweet little boys that were snug in their beds and will be so inspired by this win in the morning (especially Cooper)
  • Of course the stud muffin players that MADE IT ALL HAPPEN!!!! 
  • And drumroll please…. for the player’s mamas! 

The mamas (and in certain cases daddies or grandparents but I will be talking from my perspective today) that drove them to every single practice, have filled up their thermos nine millions times, who cut those oranges and made snack bags for the team at midnight because that’s the only time she had to do it, who encouraged them after every game win or lose, who quizzed their spelling words and listened to them read on the way to practice, who sacrificed to pay for his gear or private lessons, and who pushed them academically because moms worry too much and know better than to put all their eggs in one basket. 

I can’t imagine how proud those mamas felt last night! That was their baby boys out their kicking booty! 

I’m sure they had tiny t-ball players just yesterday and remember being in the thick of motherhood very clearly.

That’s where I am currently and I’m sure many of you reading this are right here with me. This is a hard season but raising a son with strong character is all I’m after.

Right now I’m typing this from my car with a pile of papers that I’m supposed to be sorting through to finish my research paper but my heart can’t get over what’s happening on the field before me.

This weekend is the SuperBowl for Griffin’s football league. Right now I can see a tiny little league freshman team working hard with their coaches, Griffin’s sophomore team tackling each other right behind the little ones, and to my right is a group of senior players that look SO BIG compared to Griff! All three teams working their highneys off because they want that title on Saturday with all of their hearts! This is their season of life’s World Series and a win on Saturday will feel just as exciting to them as what the Astros just experienced. But this time is so fleeting… I feel like I could blink and see Griffin standing under those Friday night lights in high school and I so wish that I could press pause. 

Seeing your child blossom on the field or in a class… it fills your Mom Cup right up! Boy or girl. 

I’m saying a prayer that I can cherish these days while they are happening. Even when it’s hard to fit in that homework or family time. Even when your life revolves around a field you always thought had a 45 yard line on it so that you could easily find your starting position for a dance… 

I know I will miss these days. And I know every mom who simultaneously sits at their son’s practices every night with me is praying that their little boy grows up to be a good man. And she is juggling a thousand balls right now so that he has the chance to be whoever he wants to be. 

Last night’s MVP at The World Series has always struggled with speaking in front of others because of a communication disorder. Lord knows his mom probably worried laying in bed at night, like we all do, if he would be alright or accepted. I would say he turned out just fine 😉 and is an amazing inspiration to any mother currently worrying about the mountain before their child and looking for ways to help them climb it!💙🚂🔥

Sending you my love energy straight from the field this evening.


Lainey 💗

Farmhouse Tour

I know many of y’all have requested a tour of our new home and I am so excited to share it with you today! All of these pictures were taken before we moved in so there is no furniture but you will be able to see it as a blank canvas.

Welcome to our little haven! Walk with me, talk with me… 

My favorite part about the exterior  is the vertical paneling that gives it a more modern feel. I also LOVE how large the coach lights are! 

I swoon daily over the front door that just fits in perfectly with the charm of the home. Even while I wipe the finger prints off the lowest windows… 

I need to buy a rocking chair soon for the right side of the porch but can’t decide on a color! I would love your suggestions. I also plan on hanging pretty plants from the porch ceiling starting next spring.  

As you walk into the home, you are greeted by a color palette that makes my heart melt. I love the greys, white, and browns together. If you walk straight forward you will run into the living room. We will come back to the dining in a second.

So, so proud of that fireplace being exactly the way I drew it on notebook paper for our builder! And also I just love the cabinet hardware that begins in here and is featured throughout the home. I was very brave and picked a 9 inch pull but the end result is EVERYTHING.

The original design of this room had no cathedral ceiling, was open to the game room upstairs, had a stone fireplace, and two niches way up high and flanking the fireplace that are SO hard to decorate. And of course no shiplap. I can’t believe the difference between the original floorplan and what we created! 

This area is just the perfect spot to entertain! I laugh now at all of my mini heart attacks over my mint backsplash and wood stain selections… but it all came together perfectly. 

Again, I just love that hardware!! 😍

I can’t recommend enough the seal that we chose for our butcher block! The “boat finish” has been awesome at protecting the island from water marks or stains and it doesn’t look glossy or fake. 

Our granite is called “Delicatus White” and it reminds me of CookiesNCream ice cream.

Still pinching myself that this is where I get to cook… 

Back at the front of the house, this is the dining room and backpack station. Right now this has become my storage facility but I’m trying to fix that and put things where they go!

This gorgeous laundry room has sadly become my husband’s domain since I started school. It’s way bigger than any other utility room that we have ever had and it is wonderful for the amount of laundry we accumulate with six people! 

Skipping the master because it’s boring without furniture… We LOVE our bathroom! We have never had so much storage before! I might have beauty products in all six drawers though 😳 But hey, JT’s clothes fill up the majority of the closet so it’s fair 🤓

Not pictured is the kid bedrooms, guest bedroom, other bathrooms, and game room but I will post pictures of those as they become complete! 

But this back porch y’all… 

To me this is what years of wishing I had a space to host “Parenthood” style dinners manifested itself into! I can’t wait to have our first meal out here and say Pit and Peak together in a space I never thought we’d own! 
Thank you so much for following me around the place that is most precious to us! Have a great night y’all! 

I’m sending you my love energy💗✌🏻



Mama On A Mission

Fall has totally started off with a bang for our family and I don’t think it will be slowing down anytime soon! I am back in college after a nine year break and also started a new job as a preschool teacher. I did not have any intentions of getting a new job but an opportunity came knocking that I couldn’t refuse. A wee bit stressful to add at the end of a move but everything is slowly coming together for all of us. 

The boys have adjusted super well to their new school and have made lots of new friends. Watching them find their passions in life in sports and school has filled my Mom Cup right up! Griffin is in football, Cooper is taking tennis lessons, and Bennett is playing soccer. I’m so proud of them for being active and pushing themselves to get better and stronger with each practice! 

They have blessed me so much over the past eight years of motherhood but it is starting to hit me that they will be grown before I know it. Each day seems quicker than the one before. I keep trying to look in their pretty little eyes and just love on them while they still let me 🙂 They have been a little shocked at Mama doing her own school work and needing quiet time. But they are adjusting quickly and learning that asking Daddy might give them a faster response time to needing a cup refilled 🙂 

 I was so scared to go back to school because it had been so long but I’m so glad I took that leap of faith.  I don’t know if I love school so much right now because it’s 100% for me and I’m allowed to be selfish for the first time in years, or if it’s because I’m remembering how smart I am and I can actually succeed at this, or if it’s just me remembering the Laine before she had babies. No matter the reason… I’m so happy to be back at it. 

At least twice a week I think, how can I handle this all? Cleaning this bigger house, grocery shopping, dishes, laundry, teaching, my homework and papers, my kids homework, making time for my marriage, laughing with friends, giving our dog attention, extended family time, etc… I’ve had to prioritize every little thing in order of importance. At the top is spending quality time on my relationships instead of quantity, making good grades, and my job. The rest is truly fluff and I get to it when I can. Luckily I have a spouse that picks up the balls that I’ve been dropping as I drop them 🙂 
JT has stepped up in a huge way with doing all of the laundry, the dishes, and getting the boys ready in the morning for school. He also has been spending his Sundays at his parents house with the boys so that I can have time to focus on whatever I need to. He’s been a huge blessing and I know he will be so proud of his girl when I walk across that stage.

It’s been an adjustment period but I can tell you one thing… with every new “A” that gets posted to my school’s online portal, it’s a reminder that I am capable of whatever I set my mind to.


 Even though I was usually a straight A student growing up, I was smart enough to just wing it. Well when I got to college, I could no longer wing it and I struggled to learn how to study for the first time. I chose to quit instead of pushing myself to learn in a new way. 

This go around, I knew I had to be organized and focused. And it’s paying off. I’m so thankful for second chances💗 I want to encourage anyone who is toying with the idea of going back to school next semester, to make the jump.


  I normally become like the Tin Man with my emotions when I have a lot going on. I just survive through it. But this time my armor has fallen to the floor. And it’s kind of been a good thing. Instead of hardening, I’ve been leaning in to these changes with my heart open to transition. I’ve been vulnerable with those I trust most that today feels impossible or that I’m proud of the grade that was just posted. I’ve not had the energy to be anything else but authentic. 

 The other day we had plans for friends to come over for dinner and I wrestled ALL DAY LONG with cancelling on them because I hadn’t hung pictures on the walls yet, my laundry wasn’t done, and I needed to mop my floors. These thoughts were swarming me while I was at the football fields for hours and couldn’t get anything done at the house. But I didn’t cancel because I knew I needed to have some fun and my tribe was looking forward to it! So I greeted them at the door in a huge white t-shirt, hadn’t cleaned a bit, took no pictures of the festivities (shocking for me), and loved every second I had with them. We played beer pong, ate yummy pot roast, made cookies at 1 a.m., and laughed all night long together. My soul needed that recharge so badly and I’m so glad I didn’t let my fear of imperfection keep us from making those memories. 


People keep asking me if I’m loving our new house… and I am! But I haven’t had a second to truly enjoy it just yet 🙂 My house project for the week is to put together my new dining room chairs but we shall see if that actually happens! Here are some living room pictures of what we have gotten done so far: 

This pic of just the pillows gives you a better idea of the colors in the fabrics…

 I am sooo in love with the couches we ordered from Barholet Home Furnishings (ask for Nathan or Nicole because they are both fabulous) and that we decided to NOT put a tv in our living room. The rug is from RugsUSA and was a steal! I love how it all turned out! I was studying last night on the couch and my husband said, “You look so fancy sitting on those couches and reading that huge book!” He made me laugh because I felt anything but fancy right then but seriously this room makes me feel like we are officially #adulting up in the Cauthen house.

Thanks for listening to my heart and putting up with my rambles💗

Sending you my love energy today! 



I’m In It❤️

My husband and I have been deciding all day where we will put each piece of furniture inside the farmhouse. It’s so fun to sit and be creative together and imagine this new house being filled with our old treasures. It is getting so real as we get closer to the finish line! And a little emotional for me.

We had our final walk through with our builder on Friday and I got really quiet about halfway through when it hit me and just let JT talk. I was definitely “in it” as they say in the movie Garden State. Which just so happens to be my favorite movie of all time. 

I may have seen it a thousand times, listened to the commentary a dozen more, made every friend listen to the soundtrack on repeat in my old Scion tC, and overanalyzed each character and their lines in each scene. Watch this clip to see what I mean about how I currently feel…

I have used this phrase ever since I saw this movie for the first time in 2004. I am currently “in it” because how is this is all even happening to us?! I was just suddenly awestruck during the walk through that this house was about to be our home. Not just this project we have been working on and discussing for months and not twelve of my Pinterest boards coming to life… but our actual home. Where we will cook, study, clean, argue, laugh, veg, play, snuggle, cry, entertain, and love. Our home. My home. 

I walked around quietly thinking that I didn’t deserve this house. I never thought we would ever live in a custom home or in a neighborhood like this. It wasn’t in my plan but I am starting to realize that it was 100% by God’s design. 

All of the little twists of fate that brought us here have been fluttering in my mind for a few weeks now and it continues to bring me comfort that God wants us on this path. 

One day last summer, we were on our way to pick up our puppy Jasper from the breeder in the backwoods of Old Magnolia. Where I had never driven before. We were early for our meeting so we decided to drive around and waste time. We found a random neighborhood and I remember pointing out this one house with a swing garage that I loved. On the way out of the neighborhood, I had to use the restroom but where? We were lucky to come across a model home for RVision Homes and I jumped out of the car hoping it was open. It was! I remember turning around and giving JT a thumbs up before I walked in.  

I walked around this model home and just loved every little detail. I think I was alone in this model home that day so that I could hear God whisper. I grabbed a packet on my way out and told jt as we drove away that we should call that builder when we are ready to move! He said, and I quote, “Okay. When we build another house we will contact RVision and use them.” And the universe heard him loud and clear. Ask. Believe. And be ready to Receive. 🙏🏻💕

Jt and I never had to contact RVision because they came straight to us. One week later, by God’s power and favor, the owner of RVision walked inside my husband’s office. It was too much of a weird coincidence for us both. We knew it was a sign. I remember JT calling me on his way home saying, “You will not believe who walked in to the office today!” 😳

And so our journey  began that felt divinely orchestrated from the start. Each step has had some sort of sign to keep us moving forward even as I drug my feet for MONTHS not wanting to make such a big decision. Then one night in our living room as we discussed the pros and cons yet again… I read this bible verse above JT’s head and decided to let go of my need to control everything and let God handle this. 

And he has worked out every single detail along the way. Even with the buyers of our current home walking through our door four days after I prayed and buried the Statue of Joseph in my backyard. It was all timed perfectly. 

Please pray for us this week! Tomorrow we sell our current house and will sign for the new house in a few days! I might be “in it” right now and super busy but I am so grateful. I still don’t know why he wants us on that particular street but KNOWING that he has directed our steps this far has made it easy to trust in His plan. Not just with our living arrangements but with the future of our family in general. Your need or want  or idea is never too big or too small. He can make anything happen if you give Him the power.  

He really does have the whole world in His hands💙

I’m sending you my love energy today!✌🏻💗



Keto Week One Check In

I survived week one! It actually wasn’t near as hard as I thought. I think because of the healthy fats, you are just so dang full! Here is a day by day quick run down of how it went for me:

Day 1- I was so full all day long! My in-laws brought Chick-fil-A over for lunch and I wasn’t tempted at all. I was super determined. That first workout had my body in complete shock! Four planks for 30 seconds each? Hahaha my core said no. But I pushed through! 

Day 2- I woke up super sore! Feeling a little more sluggish but I’m shocked that I don’t have a headache from lack of sugar. I had to take Cooper to the orthopedic surgeon and regretted not packing a snack! Lesson learned and will always carry almonds & an apple with me. 

Day 3- Tired! My sister came over and I asked her to watch my babies so I could take a nap.  I also texted my trainer Raina that I was in a bad mood for no reason and she said I was experiencing the Keto Blues and suggested to “eat some salt.” At night, I bought Ketosis strips from the grocery store and was shocked to see that I was officially in Ketosis! Wohoo!! Being in ketosis means I am now burning unwanted fat by forcing my body to rely on my fat source for energy, rather than carbohydrates. So my body is now burning my fat away. Hallelujah! This news gave me to energy to do my second strength workout! Love getting back into this groove. And I love how Raina switches it up so I am never bored.

Day 4- I was grumpy haha I do remember talking with my husband about how food has lost it’s luster and nothing sounds great. What an odd thought because normally my world revolves around food. 

Day 5- I was so busy getting ready for a baby shower at our house that I forgot to eat. Which bit me in the butt because at night, I couldn’t do my workout because I was just worn out. I knew I would do my strength training the next day and I needed rest! I went to bed early with no regrets. 

Day 6- Totally getting the hang of this! Had more energy and was super busy cleaning my house because of the shower was the next day. I food prepped and wasn’t tempted to eat any of the yummiest sandwiches in the world which was shocking. Recipe at the end of this post! I baked a three layer cake at midnight and stayed up frosting it while watching Golden Girls 🙂 

Day 7- My first indulge or “cheat” day! My husband was more excited than I was haha He went to go get us taquitos for breakfast and halfway through my first, I knew I had made a mistake. That flour tortilla was not my friend! I felt SO full and bloated. Ugh! I guess I’ve broken up with bread 💁🏻 But I had so much work to do for the party so I had to keep moving. I indulged in a few sweets and watermelon mimosas during the baby shower. Then later that night I remember my heart feeling “fluttery” and I knew it was my body freaking about that sugar and not just my excitement for the Game of Thrones premier. Touché Keto & Aria Stark! You both win! I was excited to get back to the diet the next day because I just felt better on it! Here is a picture of me with that cake I finished at 2 a.m. I am NOT a baker but I was proud it didn’t look like a toddler made it 🙂 

Today is day 8 and I went grocery shopping for a new week of trying out new recipes! I felt SO great today. Happy, energized, and excited to get back on the wagon. Here was my grocery list: 

Heavy whipping cream 

Bacon (this diet is rough) 

Kerrygold Butter 🙌🏻🤓😋


Extra Virgin Olive Oil  



Chicken breasts 






Zucchini spiral noodles 



Collard Greens


Here are a few links to my favorite recipes that we tried and loved this week! We only had one bad dinner but I was so full that I didn’t care to just dump it. Type in “keto meals” to Pinterest and you will find a ton of options if you don’t care for these.

(I made this with asparagus too and it was amazing)

(Major hit with kiddos and we are having this again this week)

I freaking love shrimp! 
We also sautéed spinach in butter almost everyday and ate avocados with breakfast! Both are so yummy!   

Tonight we had company over and served them wild jumbo shrimp baked in my “white heaven chicken” sauce. Jt and I ate zucchini noodles and we served pasta to our kids and guests. It was a hit! So, so good. 

If you decide to go Keto, please give it a good six days! It’s so worth it 🙂 I’m excited to see where this journey takes me! And super excited to do my next workout because the instructions Raina just sent me will totally be kicking it up a notch!! 
I know quite a few of you have sent me questions this week and I hope I answered them above! Feel free to ask me anything else in the comments on Facebook, insta, or below. 

My one week review in a nutshell is “Keto doesn’t suck.” 💃🏻
I’m sending you my love energy today! 💗



PS… Here is the link to those yummy party sandwiches!! Enjoy!! 

Working On This Bod

So today is day ONE of fighting the good fight against my PCOS and getting my body back. I have brought up in a past post that I suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and that we have tried for a baby for over 18 months with no positive pregnancy tests… Well, now I’m officially doing something about it and hoping to look and feel better in the process! I am hoping to heal my body with feeding it the nutrition it needs and by working out with my favorite trainer in the world, Raina via distance training from Portland! She is willing to help any of my blog readers too if you contact her via email at 

My plan of attack is as follows: 

*To follow a Ketogenic diet which is wonderful for balancing hormone levels and losing weight! The keto diet is a high fat/low carb diet with the typical ratio being 75% of your nutrients coming from healthy fats & certain veggies, 20% from protein, & 5% from carbohydrates. I will put an example below of what that diet looks like in grocery list terms below. Raina formulated a specific macro percentage that my particular body needs that is slightly off from the standard. I am personally trying to hit a 67/27/12 ratio and staying under 1700 calories. Again, this is for me and my weight loss goals. She can help you calculate your perfect macro goals, too. I just finished day one and I’m super full 😳

My breakfast was so yummy! 

*To follow Raina’s customized workout plan where I will be doing three strength training sessions a week and two active rest/cardio days where I will be getting my booty moving outside! I have been craving the outdoors lately with all of this moving stress.  I cancelled my gym membership a few months ago when we were starting to figure out our new budget for our new mortgage. So home workouts are it for me right now and Raina assured me that this was okay! I just needed to purchase an exercise ball and resistance bands from Target for less than $25 to get started. I have a few dumbbell sets already so I was happy about that! I know this plan will kick my booty because it’s where Raina shines at being creative and I have been sedentary since a back injury in late January.  I have been given the go ahead by my chiropractor and I am pumped to get moving again! I love weights more than anything and I encourage any women out there that they should never be scared to try them! 

*Trying to drink a gallon of water a day 

*Taking measurements every two weeks on Monday’s

And here is the glorious part… 

I will NOT be focusing on the scale at all. I didn’t even take a starting weight! Just measurements. I hate the scale SO much and became OBSESSED with weighing in multiple times per day at the age of eleven. When I would wake up, after breakfast, after I jumped on the trampoline for 45 minutes in the Texas heat, after I rollerbladed to my friends house and back, after dinner, before bed, etc… Every single day! It was exhausting and it sucks. 

  I know many ex-dancers can relate to this obsession of weighing in. Being on drill team in high school specifically you and one hundred of your closest friends are in one room for 4-5 hours per day in nothing but leotards. During puberty. The tiniest changes (good or bad) are noticed by you and everyone else. It was not an option for me to be overweight in dance so my eye on the scale remained constant. Luckily, dancing for four or more hours a day means you are super physically fit so the entire struggle is basically mental and we all still ate whatever we wanted. How many of us wish we could go back to our 16-18 year old selves and tell her that she had it going on?! 💃🏻 And the best part is, we had NO idea!💋 

Like I look back at these pictures of me during the month my husband met me and wonder what I was ever so worried about! And I also remind myself that he was a lucky man 🙂 #newgoals 

So wish me luck! Or better yet, join me! I would love some friends to walk down this path with me 🙂 
Sending you my love energy today!


Lainey 💗

Limelight By Alcone Makeup Review

HAPPY 4th of July weekend to my Sweet Tribe of Mine!! I have been busy trying out a new makeup line for y’all that I’m currently loving. The brand is called Limelight by Alcone and it has been super fun to play around with for the last three weeks. A childhood friend of mine, Sara introduced me to this company when she became a Beauty Guide a few weeks ago. They are amazing products that used to be only available to professionals but now are available to the public!  If you love all things beauty like I do, just keep reading 🙂 

Oh and I was NOT paid for this review. These are just my personal views and it comes straight from my heart 💗


LimeLight’s website says it is: 

“The perfect start to a flawless, long lasting makeup application! First Base is a lightweight, silicone-free priming mist that is proven to reduce the need for touch-ups while offering long-term skin benefits. The formula also prevents redness, uneven skin tone, and will not clog your pores. This product is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and was formulated for use on all skin types included highly sensitive skin. Many consumers have never used a spray primer, but it does keep your makeup on more vibrantly throughout the day, especially in hot environments. This spray primer is one of our biggest sellers at professional makeup trade shows.”

PRICE: $32.00 USD

Laine’s Thoughts 💭 

Obsessed. I’ve tried SO many primers and this is by FAR my favorite! It dries so quickly, smells super fresh, and really smooths your skin for a flawless canvas. And I just love that it’s a spray. In my mind, a spray seems quicker and less of a step so why not spritz a little? 


LimeLight’s website says: 

“This Foundation was developed by renowned makeup artist Vincent J-R Kehoe. As President and Director of the Research Council of Make-up Artists, he designed and produced a foundation that has been the choice of professionals and celebrities for almost a decade. This Mineral Oil Free, Lanolin Oil Free, Fragrance Free creme foundation is perfect for dry to oily to sensitive skin. It will never clog pores, and has cured facial acne for many of our customers! Most commercial liquid foundations have a ratio of about 18 to 23 percent of pigment to the liquid. Our foundation has at least 50% pigments to waxes and oils so that a very little bit goes a long way. Our Botanical Foundation lasts better throughout a long day than comparable commercial foundations and requires less touch-ups.” 

Price: $36.00 USD

Laine’s Thoughts 💭 

I have never had a foundation that matched my EXTREMELY neutral skin tone like this one did! I have been wearing Shinto 1 and it’s a perfect match. I will post a color matching guide below for you to find your shade. I had never worn or even heard of a wax based foundation before LimeLight. This foundation took a little getting used to but when I finally figured out that a stippling brush works better than my beauty blender for application… I was a smitten kitten. The beauty blender just picks up too much product and made me look fake. This stuff is SO pigmented! You only need the tiniest bit so I’m sure that has to be great for your pores. I totally felt like my skin could breathe even when I was all dolled up. Also, I only put concealor under my eyes and places that I like to highlight. I did not need any concealer for my scars or dark spots! And that’s a miracle. I can totally see where this foundation is a favorite for professional makeup artists! It covers so well, stays on all day, and photographs beautifully. It also did not oxidize on my skin. I did set it with loose powder because I live in Texas and it’s freaking humid here right now so… yeah. 


 LimeLight website says: 

“Use these liquid lipsticks alone or as a base layer with our Signature Lip Gloss for a long-lasting look that will not dry out your lips. They smell like dessert and are amongst the most positively reviewed products we sell.”

PRICE: $20.00 USD

Laine’s Thoughts 💭 

Beautiful, amazing, long lasting liquid lipsticks! This was my first experience using a liquid lipstick and I’m hooked. As with all of the products from LimeLight, a little goes a long way! I took almost every extra drop of lipstick off of the applicator before I applied. I can’t even imagine how long these tubes will last me!  

The above color is called “Creme Brulee” and here is a picture of me totally loving this pretty shade. My new favorite lipcolor hands down! Perfect for summer and fall. I wore it with a touch of gloss to a beautiful baby shower yesterday. (Yayy for Baby Harper!!) 💗

And this next gorgeous color is limited edition and if you love it, you need to order NOW! Before it is gone forever 🙂 It is called “Ash” and is such a fun pinky, purple. It has blue pigment to it that makes your teeth look whiter so that’s an obvious plus! I tend to stay away from bright colors like this because my lips are big. But lately, I’ve been feeling brave about trying new colors and this Ash was just gorgeous. 

I wore it to church this morning and got a ton of compliments from other mamas! I know if you order this particular color, you will too!! It was the perfect pop to a neutral outfit. 

And now drum roll for my new holy grail of beauty products…. 


LimeLight says… 

“Reduce the signs of aging while holding your makeup in place! 10 Years Younger keeps makeup from setting into fine lines and wrinkles, prevents makeup from melting or sliding and guarantees fewer touchups. This ultra-fine mist is clinically-proven to prevent creasing concealer, fading foundation, and will keep colors vibrant for up to 16 hours. This product is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and was formulated for use on all skin types including highly sensitive skin.”

PRICE: $28.00 USD

Laine’s Thoughts 💭

YAAAAAS! Just freaking try this. Right now. I had been on a mad search for something to make my makeup stay in this super humid, hot Texas weather. And this is it! Just a few sprays and your make up is not going anywhere. Yesterday it took at least 20 minutes for my car to cool down while I was driving and I was dying in the heat… but my makeup was still perfect. And it helps SO much with my foundation to not settle into my scowl lines in between my eyebrows. I scowl when I think, when I’m mad, when I’m happy, when I’m sad… it’s a curse. So for my makeup to not reflect the fact that I NEED Botox… Thank you Sara for introducing me to LimeLight!!!! 

If you would like to order any of these products please go to my friend Sara’s LimeLight by Alcone website. Link below!  

I hope you enjoyed this review and have some new products to try out for yourself now! Please comment if you would love to see more product reviews in the future! Also, if there is a particular product that you would like me to try… let me know. 

I’m sending you my love energy today💗🙌🏻